Playing Schedule

Last Updated  5/18/2020

We're an enthusiastic group,
all year long 

Visitors are usually welcome to join us, but please consider self quarantine for 2 weeks if coming from  a "hot spot" for corona virus. All visitors are expected to follow all guideline listed below for safety.

The proposed 2020 Summer Schedule is listed below. I have tried to be as accurate as possible, but all schedule are subject to change.

Due to the current Covid pandemic, changes may need to be made.  If I know of any changes, members will receive notification by email.

Please check and follow any current CDC guidelines which may change during the summer months. Help keep us all safe this summer!
Suggested Pickleball Guidelines:

* stand six (6) feet or more apart while waiting to rotate in 
* hold your own paddle at all times
* use a name plate with hook to place on the fence to hold position to rotate in. Don't handle other players name plates.  (your name plate can be placed in your pocket when playing)
* congratulate everyone at the end of the match from the non-volley line 
* wear a nitrile glove on the hand that will touch the pickleballs
(suggest nitrile because some people are allergic to latex gloves)
* bring the two designated pickleballs to be used on courts
* collect the two designated pickleballs, when you are leaving and place them in the 
            plastic bag in your car for next time
* wipe off their paddle with disinfectant and then dispose the nitrile glove in proper waste 
* use hand sanitizer before entering their vehicle 

At this time of self-isolation, it may be a good time to think of what precautions we will need in place to keep everyone safe when playing Pickleball resumes. 
Summer Pickleball Schedule 
Rochester Park, Sheboygan Falls  No fees

Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 9 to 12 noon – Open play

Tuesday & Thursday - 6 to 8 pm  Open Play 
          Round Robins may be set up in the future.  

Thursdays - 9 to 12 noon – Ladies Open Play & Mixed Beginners

Wednesdays - 6 to 8 pm - Partner Play Come with a partner to play with for the evening. All are welcome, but this is generally very competitive play. 

Saturday - 9 to 12 noon - Open Play

Oostburg No fees.

Contact Person Glenn Wyveen (

Not scheduled yet.

Plymouth Generations / 1500 Douglas Drive  Silver Sneakers or members are free. Otherwise $3 drop-in fee.

Contact Persons - Karen Kamin ( and Jim Hanlon (

Not scheduled yet.

Kiel City Hall Gym / 621 Sixth Street / Kiel, WI 53042 / 920-894-2909 

Not scheduled yet.