Photo Gallery

We do a lot more than just play pickleball!  Join our group and see!

Part of the Group at Summerfest (the rest are probably playing pickleball!)

4th of July Parade, 2019!

Cinco de Mayo Tournament at the Sports Core:  Many club members took part.  It looked like fun!

Jim and Ralph demonstrate the cliche
 "Never let the ball go between you and your partner"
in a hotly contested match against Jesse and Todd!

Roger and Linda had an excellent "date" as a husband and wife team.

Dustin and Mary also had a "date" as they played Dan and a new player from the Sports Core.

There were celebrations, drinking, and reliving of "shots that should have been made."

There was light hearted silliness as Betty and her partner celebrated Cinco de Mayo.

July 4th Parade 
We've done it for several years and are doing it again this year if you want to join us!

July 4, 2017 Parade

We attended a Sheboygan A's baseball game which will likely become an annual event or events.
Diane had already made her great ceremonial first pitch, but we stuck around for the game also! 

Our annual meeting is just another excuse to get together and eat out!

Join us - You'll like us (and the pickleball too!)